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a new play for 3 actors

After a blood clot unexpectedly formed in his brain,

Michael has been in a coma for three weeks.

Watching over him in hospital is his bitter mother, Carol

and his disillusioned partner, Kristina.

The women are united in their grief over Michael

and in their intense dislike of each other.

When Michael wakes, they realise that 11 years of his memory

have been completely erased.

He remembers nothing of Kristina.

It is as though their relationship never existed.

Kristina must fight to bring Michael's memory back,

while Carol fights to remove her from their lives completely.

Michael, still charming and witty,

concentrates his recovery on creating a giant mural

on the back wall of his hospital room.

An expression of his loss, his hopes,

and his desire to live his life as the man he was 11 years ago.

Not the man he has become.

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