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"4000 days"

a new play for 3 actors

"4000 Days" had its World Premiere at London's Park Theatre

in 2016  starring the BAFTA winning actor Alistair McGowan.

The show has since celebrated  3  acclaimed national tours of Germany,

plus new productions  in Prague, Sao Paulo, Philadelphia and Chicago. 


"A script that abounds with wintry wit  and emotional intensity"

(The Telegraph)

"An intriguing amnesiac drama" 

(The Guardian)

"Spiced with bouts of wit  that get loud laughs from the audience"

(British Theatre)

"Full of sharp one-liners, interesting questions  and stimulating ideas"

(Financial Times)

"Solid and satisfying characters...Genuinely moving"

(Libby Purves of The Times)

"A moving play based on a clever idea" 

(Daily Mail)

"A brilliant piece of theatre that crackles  with sharp, cutting dialogue...

It's exciting to see  a new play that gets everything so right"



After a blood clot unexpectedly formed in his brain,

Michael has been in a coma for three weeks.

Watching over him in hospital is his bitter mother, Carol

and his dull but well meaning partner, Paul.

They are united in their grief over Michael

and in their intense dislike of each other.

When Michael wakes, they realise that 11 years 

of his memory  have been completely erased.

He remembers nothing of the last 4000 days.

He remembers nothing of Paul.

It is as though the relationship never existed.

Paul must fight to bring Michael's memory back,

while Carol fights to remove him from their lives completely.

Michael, still charming and witty,

concentrates his recovery on creating a giant mural

on the back wall of his hospital room.

An expression of his loss, his hopes,

and his desire to live his life as the man he was 11 years ago.

Not the man he has become.


Video trailer for the Czech production:

Video feature on the German premiere:


"A drama about memories lost and found...a masterclass in fine acting...

Thought-provoking and very memorable.  Highly recommended.  Bravo!" 

(Chicago Theatre Review)

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