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When Scott and Amy visit their father, they expect to find him a little lonely.  However, what they don't expect is that Harry has company - Marilyn Monroe. 

Since his wife died, Harry has begun to imagine that the Hollywood legend is living in his house and engaging in lively conversations with him.  Scott (dryly funny but suffering from endless anxiety) and Amy (who has brought her overly keen but gorgeous boyfriend Max along) must somehow confront Harry's dangerously eccentric behaviour and wild imagination.  Meanwhile, Marilyn Monroe enjoys getting involved in the family drama in every way she can..


"MARILYN & ME" (alternatively titled "Once in a Blue Moon")

is a  funny, touching and spirited new comedy

about the extremes we go to - so that we are not alone. 


The play offers 5 wonderful roles for the actors, including a male lead for an actor around 60 years old and a star turn for an actress playing Marilyn. 

The show requires only 1 set. 


This is the latest play from the author of

the Olivier nominated West End comedy "Glorious!"

the Tony nominated Broadway hit "End of the Rainbow"

and the Oscar winning movie "Judy".

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